What to buy in Dec. 2010

November 26, 2010

Nick Brandt: A Shadow Falls

In 2005 former film maker Nick Brandt published his first photo book “On this Earth” with black & white images from Africa. The book was a great success. Brandt showed astonishing images of elephants, zebras, giraffes, and other animals. All pictures were taken on film, handmade, and amazingly beautiful in their composition, toning, and lighting. The book showed African wild animals in their natural habitat and I never stopped wondering how the photographer managed to get this close using analog cameras like hasselblads etc.

This year Nick Brandt published another book about Africa. The theme is pretty much the same as in his former book. But this time the format of the edition is larger, and I think they even went a step further in their choice of paper and print quality.
The result is another beautiful edition with breathtaking images. You open the book and every image lets you drop your jaws, literally! I am usually not very much into Nature Photography and would always prefer portraits of people over landscapes and especially pet photography. But these images show so much character and beauty that I didn’t hesitate a second before I purchased this book.

Surprisingly the volume is not even that expensive and can easily be purchased here. I strongly recommend this to everyone who appreciated good craft and the beauty of imaging!

Also, check out Nick Brandt’s website for examples of his images. I cannot show them here due to copyright reasons.