March 31, 2010

This is an image I took in January during my son’s birthday party. I was walking around with my Mamiya C330 looking for motives, mainly portraits. Then the baby feet caught my attention, especially in comparison to the mother’s. Baby feet have this chubbiness about them which actually make them great for art. No wonder baroque artist loved to sculpture, draw, and paint naked babies. With all the skin folds and round shapes they have a 3-dimensional quality that make them quite delicate.

Ha ha, I sound like a foot fetishist! Actually, when I posted this image on flickR yesterday, I was looking for the right categories. So I checked on “feet” in general. Wow, there are a lot of feet on flickR, and definately a lot of foot fetishists… 😉

Anyway, feet as a motive for classic black & white photography is nothing new and it was interesting to have a start. Let’s see if there will be more opportunities.


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