What to buy in September 2009

September 21, 2009

The Polaroid Book:
pola book
The Polaroid picture has become an icon of 20th century photography. The possibility to create instant results was a small revolution when it was first presented to the market.
What also made the Polaroid camera special was the close cooperation between famous photographers and Polaroid. People like Ansel Adams contributed to the development of the Polaroid film to achieve the best possible results. The fact that artists embraced this technology lead to a whole new genre of photography.

“The Polaroid Book”, published by TASCHEN, gives a fantastic overview over the range of Polaroid Photography since the 1950. This includes images by Ansel Adams, Andy Warhol, Danny Lyon, Barbara Hitchcock, Bill Burke, Robert Mapplethorpe, Elliot Erwitt and many others. It also gives an overview of the history of the Polaroid camera, its creator Edwin Land, and all the different models since its introduction in 1954.
It’s a beautiful book to browse through. Highly recommended!


One Response to “What to buy in September 2009”

  1. S.H. Chow Says:

    stefan, i have the same book and yes, i love it very much…
    got many inspirations from the collection.

    also, i have learned a lot more about polaroid history from this book.

    yes, i too will recommend this book to my friends.

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