Discovering Berlin!

September 11, 2009

Pierre Vau Tours
Have you ever been to Berlin, Germany’s capital? If not, you have missed out a lot. Berlin is not only in the heart of Europe and the connection point between Eastern and western Europe (along with Vienna); it is also one of the hottest and most trendy places to be. Berlin has its distinctive style, sub culture and fashion which stand clearly out from mainstream Europe.
Along with that, Berlin offers a lot in terms of Architecture, Historical Places, Nature etc etc etc. This is the place where the cold war adversaries met. Traces of that can still be found everywhere, including parts of the Berlin Wall and other historical sites of that period.
Pierre 04
For the photographer Berlin offers numerous opportunities for street photography, people photography, architecture etc. etc. etc.. But where to start and where to go? How do you make the best out of your time and manage to explore a place that has so much to offer?
Pierre 03

The Berlin photographer Pierre Vau offers the chance to explore and discover Berlin in a photographic way. “Capital Colors” is a project that offers custom tailored tours through Berlin. Pierre and his partner Anja Meier will take you through Berlin, they will show you places that you would not have found yourself, angles and perspectives that go far beyond the usual tourist guide tour, and this will be complemented with photo workshops and technical help. In the end you will take home a self made (linen bound) book about Berlin that clearly stands out from the usual pile of snaps!

From the website:
Upon my photographic expedition, I would like to:
– Get to know Berlin better
– Discover places off the beaten path which most visitors to Berlin would never see
– Within the parameters of a city tour, take a photographic course in analog or digital photography
– Help me to explore the full potential of my camera equipment
– Improve my photographic skills
– Find motifs which others don?t find
– Gain skills in the Photoshop photo editing program
– Discuss my photos with experienced photographers in the workshop
– Spend my Berlin stay more effectively and pleasantly thanks to optimal preparation
– Have contact with people who know the nightlife scene and are contemporary witnesses to Berlin?s eventful history
– Also receive guided architectural or art tours when participating in a photo safari
– Logically develop a photographic theme for myself, but I need suggestions for this and the opportunity to realize this
– Have a personal coffee table book created which contains my own photos

Here are some more examples of Pierre Vaus’s Berlin photography:
Pierre 01
Pierre 02

Anyone in Asa who is interested in traveling to Berlin can also contact me and I will help with the set up. I don’t charge a cent!

All images shown here are by Pierre Vau.


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