July 20, 2009

Singapore East Coast Beach, 2009:
Luka Beach08
Beach photography didn’t use to be my thing. I guess the reason was that I didn’t really live very close to any and never had the chance to go. I am also a person who was always driven to the mountains. When I was a child, my father took me to the Austrian and Italian Alps where we went mountain hiking. I always loved the breathtaking majestic of the mountains, while the sea seemed to be endlessly flat and boring, without much that could catch my eye or my imagination.

Well I am still not much of a beach fan. Going to the sea mostly means scuba diving which sometimes seems to the like visiting the underwater mountains…
However, since the children love the beach and we live on an island, sometimes there is just no way around it. And when it comes to outdoor people photography, I must admit that there is not much that beats a beach. The light is just amazing, you have a great background with beach, sky, sea, and people are generally in a good mood (especially children). The beach works for color but is also great for black & white. So I always enjoy going there with my family.

The only think that I don’t like is the sand which tries to get into every part of my camera gear…

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