bali beach encounter

May 15, 2009

Bali, April 2009
Bali 07

This image was taken during a week’s holiday in Bali in April 2009. The guy was one of our scuba-diving guides. Everyone was very cheerful and friendly. Bali is a wonderful place with friendly people and it is very easy to photograph.
The photograph was taken with a hasselblad 500cm and a 60mm wide angle lens on TMX400 film. I like the light you get at a beach. The sun is very bright but the indirect light is filtered by palm trees. The fact that the sand in Bali is (volcanic) black and therefor doesn’t reflect as much as white sand also contributes to the lighting conditions.

The overexposed sky first seemed to be a problem. Viewing the end result i find that it actually provides a nice white backdrop for the portrait.


3 Responses to “bali beach encounter”

  1. too funky 2 ignore Says:

    you’re damn right in terms of the backdrop, stefan.
    i like the smooth blurring which lays over this picture.

  2. bawgaj Says:

    very good portrait, lovely šŸ˜‰

  3. Mr. Bali Says:

    Very nice photo šŸ™‚

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