self portrait

May 25, 2009

Stefan 2009, with my Pentax 67:
Stefan Ansorge 2009
My blog is now almost one year old and I thought it is time for a self reflection, in the mirror that is!

In November I had bought a second hand Pentax 67 when I spent a few days in Seoul. The Korean Won dropped dramatically due to the American credit crunch and made old film cameras even cheaper than they already are. This wonderful camera was an absolute bargain.

About self portraits:
It seems to be the fate of photographers that no one tends to take images of them. I have hundreds of portraits of family, friends ad all sorts of people. But nobody appears to be interested in my image, ha ha! So the only way to get my own portrait is to pose this way.
I like the soft colors of the Kodak Portra. Apart from that it is a reminder that we are all getting older, including me!


bali beach encounter

May 15, 2009

Bali, April 2009
Bali 07

This image was taken during a week’s holiday in Bali in April 2009. The guy was one of our scuba-diving guides. Everyone was very cheerful and friendly. Bali is a wonderful place with friendly people and it is very easy to photograph.
The photograph was taken with a hasselblad 500cm and a 60mm wide angle lens on TMX400 film. I like the light you get at a beach. The sun is very bright but the indirect light is filtered by palm trees. The fact that the sand in Bali is (volcanic) black and therefor doesn’t reflect as much as white sand also contributes to the lighting conditions.

The overexposed sky first seemed to be a problem. Viewing the end result i find that it actually provides a nice white backdrop for the portrait.

Jock Sturges: Notes
Jock Sturges has for long been an icon of photography. The American who became famous by taking beautiful large format images of young man, women, and children, mostly on beaches in France. His images became famous for their natural beauty and technical perfection.

“Notes” is not only a beautiful crafted review of Sturges work over a longer period of time, showing images in color and b&W. It also gives a very interesting insight into the way Sturges worked and approached his subjects, from the polaroid draft image to the perfectly crafted end result.
Beautiful Photography without any vulgarity or kitsch. Highly recommended for a reasonable price. The book can be purchased here.