About Photography

April 13, 2009

I am just back from a vacation in Bali and the film rolls are in the lab so there is nothing to show today. my head is too full to just write something, too. As an alternative, I am posting the (true) words of someone else (kenrockwell.com) that I just read:


Photography is a means of expression, just like writing or painting.

Because photography is a means of expression, you have to have something to say, or your photos will suck.

Blindly pointing a camera and then expecting to whip it up later in Photoshop always results in crap.

Buying a Nikon D3X, Leica M7 or Canon 1Ds Mk III and expecting it to make sharp photos doesn’t happen. Sharp photos come from sharp minds expressing ideas clearly.

You don’t need to be able to express whatever you’re trying to say in words or any other form, so long as whatever you are trying to express comes out in your photos. Composition is key.

Photography is an art which, like most art forms, happens to use some technology, but photography still has nothing to do with technology

Because some technology is involved, there are always legions of unseeing people who just don’t get it. If you’re not an artist, it’s easy to miss the whole point and spend a lifetime reading books (and websites like this) fretting the tech details and buying too much equipment, instead of learning how to recognize what makes good photos and doing it.


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