What to buy in April 2009

April 1, 2009

David Bailey: “Bailey’s Democracy”
A few months ago I already introduced David Bailey as one of the most important fashion photographers in history. This time I would like to introduce you to one of his most outstanding works.

“Bailey’s Democracy” is special in a way that the artist tried to get away from the common notion of beauty and aesthetics. The set up of the images reminds the viewer very much of Richard Avedon’s typical white backgrounds with people standing plain in front of the camera.
David Bailey used different kinds of women and men, ranging from artists, models and actors to ordinary people and let them pose strip naked, without any instruction or posing guideline.
The result is a series of images that show people not only without their “visual protection” of clothes and style, but also trapped in their own body language which reveals a lot about their characters.
“Bailey’s democracy” shows people barren of the protective clothes, there isn’t even any background. Everybody is the same in front of the camera (that’s why he chose the title). Some of these people are quite beautiful, some appear rather bizarre in their appearance and posing. Whatever is is, it is a great book to watch!
This project has been discussed and exhibited a lot. More information about this book and the whole concept and art of David Bailey’s photography can be found here!

“Bailey’s Democracy” is published by Thames & Hudson and can be purchased here! or here.
It’s not a small book, doing justice to the big portraits photographs. Anything smaller would have been a disappointment.

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