What to buy in March 2009

March 10, 2009

Sam Abell; “The life of a Photograph”

In January I stumbled over this book while trying out the photo art section of a book store in Singapore that I hadn’t been to in a long time.
Sam Abell’s book didn’t seem to be very impressive at the first glance. Color images about places in America, in a modern fashion, very subtle and without a lot of people. Usually not my peace of cake. I prefer images of people, characters that make me wonder about their lifes, how they feel, perceive the world etc.

Well I bought the book anyways. And after looking at the images for a few times, slowly the whole collection about ‘American Impressions’ started to make sense.
This book is not only about America but mainly about the dynamics of photographic images. The whole collection of photographs reveals how LOCATION, COLOUR, and first of all COMPOSITION actually make an image. Sam Abell’s photographs have a magic about them that is only revealed after looking at them a few times. They are well composed and thought through but at the same time natural, following the human’s way of looking at things. I recomend this book for anyone’s collection.

With US$ 26.00 this book has become an absolute bargain. It can be ordered here.

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