My February Strip

February 25, 2009


Morning S(e)oul

February 20, 2009

In Early December 2008 I spent a few days in Seoul. I left the hotel in the early morning taking images of Seoul when the streets are still empty people going to work. I love the light at dawn: Shadows are long and the contrasts are not yet as hard as in the midday light.

While I was standing in the street waiting for someone to walk by and complete the composition, an old man stepped out of an office building and offered me a cup of coffee. These are the things that make your image about a country and its people. Thank you, Korea!

dairy plant

February 5, 2009

Architecture on a tripod is usually not my piece of cake. I did it in Shanghai because the history of Shanghai’s architecture is just so interesting. But usually I am more occupied with people/portraits. To take images of buildings is too much standardized for my liking. It’s all about composition, light, texture and tones. Challenging, yes, but I always see it like an exercise rather than something really meaningful.

This is from a series of images I took of my own company’s plant in Bavaria/Germany. It doesn’t happen very often that you get the opportunity to do industrial architecture. Mostly access is limited and companies don’t really want you to take pictures, unless it’s for their own record. So I took the opportunity and made use of the good weather that day.