East Coast

January 21, 2009

reaching-for-the-leafMy daughter Maya, Singapore East Coast Beach, Jan. 2009…


3 Responses to “East Coast”

  1. that´s sort of surprising to me. I would not expect these kinds of trees in the background in Singapore, nor that kind of surface at the beach. And her shoes seem to be very similar to those I use when gardening. All in all more “European” than expected which is a proof for my thesis saying “it´s all a matter of individual perception”.

  2. It is actually quite a tropical beach. But insetead of coconut trees there are more pine trees. The “grass” is very different from Europe, even though it might look similar.

  3. And what you say about perception is absolutely true! Anyone can make anything out of this image, for example. But I also always find it interesting how deeply engraved certain stereotypes are, for example about Asia (I live here so it’s kind of my topic…).

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