What to buy in January 2009

December 30, 2008

“Single Exposures” by Brooks Jensen
“Letting go of the camera” by Brooks Jensen
“On being a photographer” by David Hurn (MAGNUM) and Bill Jay

These three books are published by lenswork, one of my favorite magazines about photography. Chief editor Brooks Jensen, Professor of Photography Bill Jay and MAGNUM photographer David Hurn talk about photography and the creative process. This is not about cameras, equipment or other useless aspects, but solely about enhancing your creativity, structuring your workflow, and improving your approach towards photography.


I can not overemphasize the level of help these publications have given me to improve my imagemaking. These essays and discussions help you to focus on what’s the essence of your photography, how to structure your work, and how to achieve actual results. lenswork has been such an inspiration that I reorganized the way I am organizing my work, the way I plan my projects, and the way I execute them. Since then, mu photography has not only become more satisfying, my images have also become much better!
Since this is about fine art photography, it is mainly about projects, working on themes, and how to buikd up a portfolio.

As an inspiration and help for the new year, I can highly recommend to get all three books. I enjoyed every single page of them. They can be purchased here, on lenswork’s website.


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