What to buy in December 2008

November 28, 2008


I thought for the month of December there should be something special. Well here it is:


This is a seven volume edition showing a large number of people portraits of one of the greatest photographers of the last century.
August Sander grew up in Cologne/Germany and made himself a name by portraying people from all social backgrounds in early 20th century Germany. The result is on of the most stunning overviews of a whole generation, ranging from woman to men, from farmer to factory worker, from scholar to politician. August Sander was revolutionary for the time in his attempt to create something that would go beyond the simple portrait work he did in his job. The way he portrayed people in their social and professional environment, the natural compositions and the attempt to show the soul of the people set a whole new style of photography and was ground braking for the development of modern photography.
“Revered as a father of modern photography, August Sander (1876– 1964) so refined the art of portraiture that his moving images of his fellow countrymen have been heralded both as an important sociological document and a photographic masterpiece. But those images make up only a portion of this deluxe seven-volume set, which will stand as the definitive collection of Sander’s considerable achievement.”

The price of this massive volume has come down so much that it really is the bargain of the year. Don’t waste any time, just get it! For example at amazon.com.


2 Responses to “What to buy in December 2008”

  1. The whole volume blows you away, Michael. I can spend hours looking at all these images!

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