second thoughts…

November 4, 2008


This is one of the images I took when I was in Rome last month. I love it for its angle, colors and the fact that the girl in the centre has been captured so well. The great thing about the HOLGA is that you can use it as a perfect street camera just holding it in you right hand and shooting from the hip. Since straight lines and perfect angles are not an issue anymore, there’s the chance that you get the greatest shots.

While walking through the streets and sometimes randomly taking pictures of strangers walking by, there’s little time to actually reflect on the people that are captured on the film. After all there’s no review function on a film camera so it will take a while until you see that face again.
Then, sometimes, once you hold the picture in your hand (or see it on the screen) you discover that the person on the photograph shows you a lot of character. Suddenly the person stops being an anonymous face walking by but becomes someone you can relate to, even though you still don’t know anything about him or her.
Someone once said that a great portrait makes you being interested in a person you don’t know. That’s the beauty of photography.


3 Responses to “second thoughts…”

  1. very good! The tilt makes it an authentic random image. I love the depth and am tempted to take more than just a single look.

  2. Tanja Says:

    Ich finde es schön, dass du der Street Fotografie treu bleibst und trotzdem Neuland entdeckst. Das Bild ist toll. Ich habe jetzt Kleinbild in die Holga gelegt und mit vorgenommen es auch einmal wie du zu probieren.

  3. Vielen Dank, Tanja.
    Durch die HOLGA erschliessensich mal wieder ganz neue Welten der Streetphotographie. Sie laesst eine naehe zum Subjekt zu, die ich so bisher kaum gekannt habe.

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