November 3, 2008

In September 2008 I bought my first HOLGA camera. For people who do not know what that is: The HOLGA is a “Made in China” plastic camera for medium format roll film. It excels in having lots of flaws like having a flimsy body, the images being out of focus (in fact you can’t focus with a HOLGA), strong vignetting, distortions, light leaks, and whatever might come to your mind. Every HOLGA is different so it’s impossible to tell what you get. More information you can get here!

The HOLGA has been in in fashion for quite a few years so I was always a bit hesitant to jump on that train. However, finally I could not resist. The interesting aspect of the HOLGA is definitely that all the flaws give the images something unreal, almost surrealistic.

Here are my first results. The camera comes with 3m of masking tape so I tried to close all possible light leaks before I even used the cam for the first time. I am not sure if that worked, though…

More examples of great HOLGA imaging you can find here or there!


4 Responses to “HOLGA”

  1. those two examples are awesome! looks like you have basically eliminated the light leaks.

  2. Yes, pretty much. Except when you have direct sunshine on the body.

    My HOLGA is actualy really great. The center of the frame is very sharp, and even the edges are just nicely blurred. I love it!

    Thanks for the comment, Durkin!

  3. tomdurkin1 Says:

    no problem! You certainly have done well. I’m thinking of getting hold of another Holga soon to see what different results I can get. Maybe I’ll use my old one as a pinholga or something!

  4. Lovely pics. I just developed my first Holga rolls, too. Isn’t it such great fun? I love the results and cant wait to keep experimenting. I posted some of my first attempts on my blog: http://freedomprojected.wordpress.com/

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