What to buy in November 2008

October 31, 2008

A couple of months ago I found this book. “STRANGELY FAMILIAR” by Michal Chelbin. I hadn’t known of the photographer before but was immediately struck by the intensity of the portrait on the cover.

Michal Chelbin is a photographer from Israel, born in 1974. His work focuses on portraits of people, mostly artists and circus performers, many from Russia, many are teenagers in the transition from childhood to adult life.
“I try to create a seemingly private moment, one where they are not performing or on stage. The main themes in my work are not social or topical, but private and mythical;”

The book is a collection of very intense portraits, mostly in beautiful colors. What struck me was the intensity of the visual communication between photographer and the subjects. Very serious, very personal!

The book can be purchased here and is worth every Dollar spent!


2 Responses to “What to buy in November 2008”

  1. Das würde mich auch sehr interesieren. Das Titelfoto ist unglaublich intensiv und geht einem durch die Augen sofort in den Bauch. Was mir hier wieder auffällt ist die einfache und geradlinige Art wie hier fotografiert wurde. Ohne Tricks und viel drumrum, einfach nur der Mensch im Mittelpunkt.

  2. Ein wirklich toller Photoband, Michael! Kann ich nur empfehlen. Du bekommst das Buch auf AMAZON!


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