October 22, 2008

At Singapore’s Far East Plaza Shopping Mall there is a small tattoo shop run by two of my wife’s old scuba diving buddies, “Chuck” and “Jaws”.
Jaws is a small sized, lean guy who looks like coming straight out of a Hong Kong gangster movie. Tattooed all over his body, he clearly stands out, even is this environment. He is quite a character, and I have seldom met someone with such a strong sense of confidence but also humbleness and humor.
Jaws is a friendly character, helpful (diving instructor) and generous. Talking to him, it becomes quite clear that he does not take crab from anyone, but at the same time he never seems to take himself too seriously. Besides, he’s a great tattoo artist.

Jaws got married last year and recently became father of a daughter.


2 Responses to “Jaws”

  1. Michael Kellenter Says:

    that´s a good one! To my point of view everything you said about him is clearly visible in this photograph. Good work!

  2. Thank you, Michael!
    This is not a new picture. I took it in 2006. A few weeks ago, I met Jaws in his shop which reminded me of this image.

    I might do a whole series on that tattoo shop one day. Something I always wanted to do.

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