September 23, 2008

During the last few years, I have been reading a lot of magazines about photography, cameras etc. Generally, the most striking difference between different magazines seems to be whether they are about photography or about cameras. I find that those ones are mainly gadget issues that try to lure you into expensive purchases by suggesting that the clue to great images is the brand and/or the price of the camera, the number of lenses, or other non important stuff.
Camera reviews kind of remind me of washing detergent commercials. Since my first days of TV commercial watching in the 1970s, shirts have been becoming whiter and whiter. Every new product claims to be the final solution for the ultimate accomplishment. What a nonsense!

LensWork is a 96-page, 8½x7” paperback magazine – a duotone, book-quality, paper-based, anthology-style periodical publication which focuses on photography and the creative process. Each issue features articles, interviews, and photographic portfolios. Non-technical and non-academic, with emphasis on the creative aspects of photography.
This magazine is not cheap, but the print quality and the choice of paper is so good that all issues that I bought found their way into my bookshelf, next to the expensive photo art books. In most cases, the books cannot even match the quality of LensWork.

The magazine solely focuses on the art of photography, introducing well known and new photographers, professionals and amateurs alike, as long as they can make it through the selection process.
Along with the beautiful presented photographs come articles about photography, the process of creating images, and how to improve your approach towards your own creations. No page is wasted on equipment and the latest gadgets.

If you mostly care about photography and imaging and less about the tools that you use as long as they get you to the results that you want, LensWork is a very good choice for inspiration.

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