high key

August 5, 2008

Last weekend we went to the beach. For children outdoor pics I often take my digital camera (cheap DSLR) because it’s more convenient and rather for the family album anyways.
The light was very bright on the tropical beach and I had to do a lot of corrections getting the exposure right. Eventually I discovered that this lead to a very interesting hight key effect. Pushing exposure and contrasts even further the whole thing turned into a digital high key project.

Even though this is completely off from everything that I usually do, I kind of like it for its artistic twist. The elimination of the background lets the people almost float in the light. The interactions between the people in the water contributed even more. The three teenage girls approaching the boy, indecisive whether to join him in the water, obviously attracted by him. Great story to watch!

One Response to “high key”

  1. Michael Kellenter Says:

    very nice patterns and weird colors. high key was a good choice here indeed.

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