Sally Mann

August 1, 2008

One of my favorite photographers is Sally Mann. A lot of what she shows in her images really represents my own feelings about photography. She has been highly controversial showing fine art photographs of her family and especially children, being accused of feeding pedophile phantasies etc.

I don’t agree. As Sally Mann states in this video, you can only truly portrait what you love and what you really know. Showing your children the way they are, naked and beautiful, doesn’t make the pictures pornographic or pedophile. The same applies to the wonderful photographs of Jock Sturges.

Abuse of these images is another question and may be a problem. But art should never give in too much to zeitgeist.

2 Responses to “Sally Mann”

  1. Lisa Reese Says:

    I adore Sally Mann’s nudes of her children. I respect her as a photographer because of the method and materials she uses to make her images.

    It’s difficult and frustrating to explain why I enjoy her work to someone who doesn’t have a background in photography.

    Thank you for sharing the youtube clip.

  2. Thanks for your interest, Lisa! I am very fascinated by Sally’s approach towards everything.
    I also like her way of handling the gear. Just so relaxed and easy!

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